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I've written so much Dick Cheney humor -- two fake interviews, three song parodies, & a couple of poems -- I figured he deserved his own special page. And so it's time to Cheney Cheney!

  • Faking Contrition - Song Parody (Sing to "Waltzing Matilda")
    "Faking contrition.
    Faking contrition.
    Cheney feels bad that he shot his good friend.
    If you don't buy his story, you're a lib'ral Democrat.
    Leave him alone. This harassment must end..."

  • Our Banished VEEP (Limerick)
    "He’ll be banished from office, VEEP Dick;
    Not his job, but his real estate pick. ..."

  • Sleeper VEEP
    "There once was a GOP VEEP
    Who in meetings fell soundly asleep..."

  • Don't Hunt With Dick Cheney Song Parody (Sing to "On Top Of Old Smokey")
    "Don't hunt with Dick Cheney.
    You might end up dead.
    He'll aim for your torso,
    Or even your head..."

  • Cheney Misfires -- Big Time! -- Limerick
    "A fellow named Whittington, Harry,
    In the future will likely be wary..."

  • Cheney v. Edwards Limericks
    "There once was a Veep named Dick,
    Whose actions made liberals sick..."

  • Presidential Campaign Humor I've posted all of my presidential campaign song parodies, limericks, and satire here.

  • Cheney's E-Bray
    "Be happy and be gay.
    It's a fabulous new day.
    Things are A-okay.
    Cause you're trading on eBay..."

  • Dub & Dick's Limerick
    "George Dub has a Veep named Dick Cheney.
    Next to Dub he appears rather brainy..."

  • Cheney's Last Throes -- Song Parody (Sing To "On Top Of Old Smokey")
    Dick says the insurgents
    Are in their last throes,
    The war's almost over,
    We're beating our foes..."

  • Cheney 'Em All!
    "The "F word" and the "C word" and the "S word" and the rest
    Must make some room for "Cheney."
    As a curse word, it's the best..."

  • Dick's The Ticket
    "Dick Cheney's Halliburton teamed
    With evil axis, mad regimes,
    To make big bucks while Dick was CEO.

    Now Cheney lies and feigns and schemes..."

  • Ode to the F-Word I couldn't resist waxing poetic about Vice President Dick Cheney's little temper tantrum...

  • Parody Interview with Vice President Dick Cheney (2004) For some inexplicable reason, VP Richard Cheney returns for a second spoof interview.

  • Don't Cry For Dick's Halliburton (To be sung to the chorus of "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina")
    "Don't cry for Dick's Halliburton.
    The truth is he never left you.
    All through his Veep days,
    His mad existence,
    He kept his promise.
    He went the distance..."

  • Old Dick Cheney (To be sung to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm")
    "Old Dick Cheney's hiding stuff, from the GAO.
    And when they sued, Dick had a cow, he hates the GAO.
    With a lawsuit here and a lawsuit there,
    Here a suit, there a suit,
    Everywhere a lawsuit.
    Old Dick Cheney's hiding stuff, from the GAO..."

  • Parody Dick Cheney Interview (2001) You wouldn't think Dick Cheney'd sit for an interview with the author of Dubya's Dayly Diary. And you'd be right.

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