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USA TODAY AWARD       Political Song Parodies


Some organizations, publications, and sites have had the good (or bad) taste to shower me with awards and nice mentions and reviews. Here they are:

    Bob Newhart Names Madeleine Begun Kane Winner of 2008 Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor

  • Political Dot-Comedy Award In December 2005 awarded its Political Dot-Comedy Award for "Best Parodies (Ongoing Achievement)."

  • Political Site of the Day On December 31, 2002 Dubya's Dayly Diary was named "Political Site of the Day."

  • Seniority Top Sites Directory Website of the Month In June 2002 Seniority named "Top Sites Directory Website of the Month."

  • Life's a Stitch: The Best of Contemporary Women's Humor A terrific, new Random House humor anthology, whose contributors include Wendy Wasserstein, Delia Ephron, Anna Quindlen, Kathy Najimy, Christine Lavin, Erma Bombeck, Julie Gold, Cathy Guisewite, Merrill Markoe, Patricia Volk, Signe Wilkinson, Jane Wagner, Judith Viorst, Fran Capo, Molly Ivins, Lynn Johnston, Julie Haslton, Roz Chast, and many other terrific writers, cartoonists, and singer/songwriters was published in April 2002. I'm proud to say that one of my humor columns is in the book too.

  • Site of the Day Newsletter On April 12, 2002, the Site of the Day Newsletter named my Interactive Taxes Site of the Day, saying: "Has the Taxman been preying on your mind? Have you sought the comforting reassurance of tax preparation software to ease the burden of filing? If the List's gentle members are still wrestling with their tax forms, they're not alone. American humorist Madeleine Kane, whose entertaining work may be familiar to many of the List members, has been in the trenches too and has emerged muddied but unbowed from her recent foray into the every-women-for-herself realm of user unfriendly computer income tax programs.... Before the final tax showdown begins, enjoy the inimitable "Mad Kane" perspective..."

  • This entertaining site, which features tips for writers, articles on writing humor, humor columns, & articles on the writing life, interviewed me in March 2002 about -- what else -- my humor writing life.

  • Realty Times Site of the Day In March 2002 Realty Times named my Hapless Home Buyer's Gude Site of the Day.

  • Reviews Dubya's Dayly Diary On February 23, 2002, this "peer to peer review of weblogs" gave Dubya's Dayly Diary it's top "5" review, describing it as "hilarious" and saying that "... each entry is just as funny as the next. If you can handle a little political humor, or even dumb Dubya humor, then this is a MUST READ. Have kleenex nearby, though, because I had tears rolling down my cheeks when I was finished reading." Thanks so much to the author of that review.

  • Nation Reader's Favorite Media Outlets What an honor to be included in what the Nation describes as its "very finicky reader's list."

  • Shift Magazine 100 Sites We Love In November 2001, Shift Magazine included Dubya's Dayly Diary in its 100 Sites We Love, saying, "We tried describing the way that Madeleine Begun Kane reduces George W. Bush to a slow-witted, whinging fool as the narrator of her daily diary, but this write-up came together over the days following 9/11 and, much as Bush invites it, there's no fun in kicking him while he's down. Kane must have thought so too: She placed the diary on a respectful hiatus hours after the sky fell. A month later, she was back."

  • ThirdAge Web Guide -- Holiday Humor on the Web On Novermber 27, 2001, urged its visitors to read my Office Party Follies saying, "Ah, but what would this time of year be without that annual rite of passage -- the office holiday party. And if you think it's torture for you, just think of how your spouse feels! Make it through the night -- and hold on to your job -- with the help of this tongue-in-cheek office party couples agreement."

  • Content Writing for Web and E-Newsletters with Brizcomm Brizcomm's Nov. 28, 2001 Newsletter reviewed my site, saying: "If you need a laugh, you're bound to find something that tickles your funnybone at humor columnist Mad Kane's site. She covers every subject imaginable - the Internet, marriage, computers, cars, money, privacy, work and US politics. She says she writes about everything that aggravates her and apparently she's aggravated most of the time. My favorite feature is her Dubya's Dayly Diary."

  • Magasinet Surfetips This Norwegian publication had some really nice things to say about Dubya's Dayly Diary on November 16, 2001. Okay, I admit it. It's written in whatever language they speak in Norway, and I have no idea what it says. But I certainly welcome all the new readers it's sent my way!

  • American Politics Journal Hot Site This excellent journal of political commentary named Dubya's Dayly Diary Hot Site of October and November 2001, saying: "Back at last! -- Dubya's Dayly Diary -- Madeleine Begun Kane gets inside the head of a shrub."

  • Maxim Magazine Hot99 Another nice mention in Maxim Magazine! In November 2001 Dubya's Dayly Diary was named to Maxim's Hot99.

  • Guardian's Feature on the Best Bush Sites In an October 24, 2001 feature entitled "Dubya Dubya Dubya" the Guardian named Dubya's Dayly Diary among the Web's best George Bush sites.

  • The Earth Times Review of Dubya's Dayly Diary In his thoughtful review, Warren Sullivan urges readers to check out Dubya's Dayly Diary, saying: "Get mad or get amused but see if you can find the kernels of truth."

  • Harley Hahn's 25 Things To Do When You Should Be Working I'm honored to be included as one of the 25 selected items in this fun special feature from Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages, 2002 Edition.

  • In October 2001 Dubya's Dayly Diary's relaunch was a "Tools & Toys" Pick.

  • Featured Link of the Week In October 2001 the wonderfully satirical named my Dubya's Dayly Diary Featured Link of the Week.

  • On August 8, 2001, NetSurfer Digest called Dubya's Dayly Diary "wickedly funny" and "roll-on-the-floor humor," warned Bush fans to avoid it, and said: "Kane starts with the real things and magnifies it to the point of high humor."

  • Sacra Blue Online recommended Dubya's Dayly Diary in its August 2001 issue saying, "Okay, so it's a site for liberals. But it's very funny if you're not a fan of the first appointed president."

  • Site of the Day Newsletter On August 3, 2001, the Site of the Day Newsletter named Site of the Day, saying: "If the week has worn you down, revive your spirits with the gentle humor of New Yorker Madeleine Begun Kane. Describing herself as a recovering lawyer, Kane atones for her former profession by laughing at the world rather than suing it ... Enjoy Kane's mildly jaundiced view of weekend cottage guests, internet privacy policies and the follies of her fellow citizens..."

  • Ultimate Politics Site of the Day On July 20, 2001, The Ultimate Politics Network named Site of the Day.

  • Bushie Award In July 2001, I received an Bushie Award in the Bush Parody category. The other fine winners include Molly Ivins (Commentary), Gary Trudeau (Editorial Cartoons), (Bush Watchdog), (Web Graphics & 'Toons), & the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (TV Comedy).

  • In June 2001, Dubya's Dayly Diary received a three and one-half star review in Maxim's Web Guide and was featured on its Entertainment page. Among other things, the review said, "Don’t misunderestimate the usefulness of this web site." Amazingly enough, I made it into this popular men's magazine without going topless.

  • USA TODAY Fun Site of the Week Dubya's Dayly Diary was named Fun Site of the Week for May 29 through June 1, 2001. This followed its USA TODAY Hot Site Award on May 29, 2001, in which the reviewer wondered: "Is this legal?"

  • Arizona Reporter Dubya's Dayly Diary was named Arizona Reporter's Site of the Day on July 16, 2001.

  • On July 15, 2001 Comedy-Connection named Dubya's Dayly Diary Featured Site of the Day, describing it as a "peek at the Presidential thought process by one of the most prolific ( and FUNNY ) writers on the internet."

  • On May 28, 2001, Kevin Featherly (Washington Post's Newsbytes) reviewed Dubya's Dayly Diary, saying in part: "Parody Site Details Gee-Dub's Inner Groove: You've gotta wonder what President Bush is thinking today, knowing that Sen. Jeffords of Vermont is jumping ship... Sure, in public, he's all confidence and swagger, but what about behind the scenes? There is, of course, a Web site that is engaging in a bit of conjecture about that very topic..."

  • Web Writer News Award: "From humorist, Madeleine Kane, here is a simple and delightful writer's web site. Well designed and easy to navigate, her text is showcased in an excellent manner. And funny?? Get ready to hoot and holler..."

  • Smorgasbord's Fun Site of the Day: "Madeleine Begun Kane is a humor columnist whose witty commentary about anything that irks her will keep you laughing. Kane has added a new column titled "Dubya's Dayly Diary" - perfect for anyone who enjoys political humor. If workplace humor is your thing, check out her "Office Party Follies" column. One of the newest columns on her site, "Tubing Blues," had me laughing so hard that everyone in the office wanted me to forward the Web address to the site. So if you need a good laugh, is the place for you."

  • Christian Science Monitor Mentions Dubya's Dayly Diary "Presidential Parodying Takes On New Tartness," an article about the sitcom "That's My Bush" and other Presidential humor, links to Dubya's Dayly Diary in its "For Further Information" section.

  • Queens Tribune Article About Dubya's Dayly Diary In a Queens Tribune article entitled "It's Bush's Bayside Ghostwriter?" Publisher Michael Schenkler says: "Check out MadKane’s site at: She’ll make you laugh and think."

  • Liberal Slant: "Channeling W" by Lisa Kadonaga, a article about Dubya humor, said "Dubya's Dayly Diary, maintained by comedy writer Madeleine Begun Kane (, has a similar tone -- though in this case the Bush persona is less Web-savvy. He's portrayed as a clueless good ol' boy whose Secret Service detail had to forcibly shove him onstage at his first press conference. Kane too has done her homework. She's familiar with the geography of the Crawford farm, the presidential travel schedule, and the latest news stories..."

  • Hot Site: On February 6, 2001 Dubya's Dayly Diary was named's Hot Site of the Day.

  • Special Site of the Day: In January 2001 named Special Site of the Day and said, "A site I definitely think you should check out is This site is jam-packed with humor of various kinds. recommends the computer humor section."

  • In December 2000, Mobile Entertainment (formerly Car Stereo Review) reviewed two of my "Driven Mad" car humor columns (about car alarms and navigation systems) and recommended them to their readers.

  • Look Who's Raising Kane In October 2000 a very enthusiastic review of appeared in The Capital Connection. I want to thank Judy Vorfeld for her lovely and witty article about my site.

  • Site of the Day July 26, 2000: "If you like reading other people's thoughts, especially when those thoughts are humorous and sometimes thought-provoking, visit Madeleine Begun Kane (this name is on the site so often that I'm afraid to call her anything less, just in case she gets mad about it) writes on everything from relationships to computers. She has an easy "just talking to you" style of writing that anyone can enjoy, and I like the topics she picks. There's a nice little Offbeat News page, where she features stories she's found while looking for things to write about. It's just a fun site. Plus, I like to promote reading whenever I can, so skip on over to this site and read a few of her columns."

  • The Net's Hottest Columnists: In his June 19, 2000 article, journalist Steve Outing named me among the "Net's Hottest Columnists," saying "Humor columnist Kane gives many a laugh to her readers. She writes on a variety of topics, and keeps things fresh by not sticking to a singular humor formula. You'll find her work on her MadKane Web site, as well as her Driven Mad column on TheCarConnection and regular columns on The Privacy Place site."

  • Seeker's Guide "A Diamond" Rating: In his "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World" column, Jackson Hyatt said "Madeleine can certainly make you laugh while pointing out the bad (and good) in life. And that's a thing all humor should do. I should know: I still have several years worth of Dave Barry articles clipped and saved in a box. I like Madeleine's writing so much, I did the equivalent of internet clipping: I gave it a great review, and made it the first site in our "links" list in the main menu. Rated: A Regular Stop on The Internet Highway."

  • Featured Site of the Week: "Award winning columnist Madeleine Kane take a humorous look at everything from computers and cars to technology and travel. No matter what the topic, it seems like Madeleine is always raising Kane. Check her out if you're Able."

  • Linky & Dinky Review "Erma Bombeck meets a high-tech web-enabled Will Rogers. Madeleine tackles all the nuisances of modern daily life in hilarious style, while puncturing through the hypocrisy of those who would try to get one over on us. We have to ask when Madeleine's first book is coming out? She should at least sign up with and reach an even larger audience, her new fans will thank her for it."

  •'s Guide To Alternative Media -- U.S. Featured Site "Madeleine Kane provides humor of all shapes and sizes, varieties and veracities."

  • Whispers Online Magazine For Women Award of Excellence Whispers gave an Arts & Entertainment Division Award of Excellence in March 2000.

  • Best of the Net Newsletter Selection 2/6/00: "There are some humor writers that are legends. Dave Barry, Erma Bombeck and coming soon: Madeleine Begun Kane. OK, her name's too long and her WEB site looks like a Mary Kay site when you first arrive there. BUT, read her stuff!! Madeleine is a very funny woman. If you can't relate to what she writes about, then you are living on a different planet than I am."

  • Ask The Computer Lady: On January 10, 2000 Ask The Computer Lady named's MadKane News "E-Mail List of the Week."

  • The Weekly Escape: On January 10, 2000 The Weekly Escape named "Web Site of the Week."

  • An I Hate Computers Newsletter Selection: "MadKane - Madeleine's funny, and she gets paid for it (sigh)."

  • Seven Wonders Humor and the Unusual Site of the Week On November 22, 1999, Seven Wonders said, "Don't annoy Madeleine Begun Kane or she'll write about you."

  • Red Inkworks 'Writers Site Alert Bulletin' Selection -- November 1999: "Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist, is "Raising Kane" and so begins the humorous journey on the Madkane site. This award winning site takes shots at everything that annoys Madeleine... computers, cars, employers, husbands, politicians, the IRS, fashion, scientists, travel, and life as we know it. Fortunately, for us, most things appear to annoy her, so she never run out of material. She writes, spouts off and we get to laugh!"

  • A ComedyZone August 2000 Pick

  • Certified Humor

  •'s Guide To Autombiles Featured Site ("Driven Mad") "Car got you down, Bubba? Some cars are a joke and some create jokes. Madeleine Begun Kane is a humorist who writes laughable tales for the CarConnection and others."

  • National Society of Newspaper Columnists Humor Column Writing Award

  • "Best New Humor Links" "These essays for women, are amusing to men, too."

  • Review of "Raising Kane" Column "Weekly essays, from, boastingly aimed at women, are amusing to me, too. Perhaps, men and women aren't so different after all. Dream on, Chucklehead."

  • Cruel Site of the Day Award

  • SASS Award

  • Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist was awarded a "New to the Net" Award on September 16, 1999 by Netscape What's New.

  • Mac's Picks Award Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist was awarded a "Mac's Picks of the Week" Award on September 21, 1999 and received the following review: "Though all of us enjoy good humour, some columnists have a particular sense of the ridiculousness of life that I particularly enjoy. Among those the legendary Dave Barry still stands out as my favorite. Having said that, Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist comes in as a close second. She looks at life from a woman's perspective but also from the ridiculous side. If you don't know about her, have a look. If you do know about her, you'll be happy to see her on the web. Great site Madeleine."

  • Very Weird Award

  • Member of Bust's Girl Wide Web

  • The ISMS Gold Award - December 2003

  • Featured Site

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