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In an effort to court female voters, Bush now has wife Laura touting his failed education policy in a campaign ad. As I mentioned previously, I wrote an essay for Big Bush Lies about the unfunded mandate scam referred to in polite company as "No Child Left Behind." Edited by Jerry "Politex" Barrett of BushWatch fame, the book includes 20 essays about George W. Bush written by academics, legal experts, financial leaders, activists, and journalists. You can order it directly from the publisher, Riverwood Books.

In the meantime, if you want to know what's wrong with the ad and with Bush's education policy, this article is a must read. And here's my "poetic" take on the same topic:

Mis-Education President
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Bush swore he'd leave no child behind,
A very worthy goal.
Instead, he left the states a great big budgetary hole.

States' rights must be preserved, Dub said.
The states know what is best.
Then signed a law he failed to fund, which makes them test, test, test.

Bush said they have to test to prove
That kids learn what they must.
Then handed out a budget that betrays our nation's trust.

Dub swore the children of the poor
Would get the help they need.
Who knew that Dubya meant by help, he'd give them chicken feed?

Bush promised teacher training and
To aid the college bound.
But public education cash and Pell grants have gone down.

Now Laura Bush has made an ad
To tout the law's success.
To hear her speak, you'd never know Bush caused a giant mess.

An education miracle,
Bush promised to create.
Instead, he left schools in the lurch.
Dump Bush, ere it's too late.

© May 13, 2004 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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