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Bob Newhart Names Madeleine Begun Kane Winner of Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor


Birthplace of The Fair & Balanced Song

My best known political humor is Dubya's Dayly Diary and my political song parodies. But that's just some of the political fun. In honor of the midway point of the Bush administration, I've launched Dubya Strips. I hope you enjoy them.

Dub Disses Chalabi      Presidential Philosophies      Terrorist Election      Dubya Defends Rod Paige      Bush Works Things Out      Imminent Ex-President      Campaign Slogan Writers @ Work      Paris v. Bush      Dubya's Quest      Truth Seeker Bush      A Dog of a Defense      Dubya Wakes Up      Dubya's Whoppers      Dubya Does Dean      Conserva-In-Chief      Demonstration-Loving Dubya      Dubya Produces Proof      The Method To Dubya's Madness      Dead or Alive      Dynamic Dubya      Prez Priorities      Boaster Bush      Fact Attack      Dubya Seeks Justice      Our Primping Prez      Bug-Meister Bush      Bush, The Compassionate      Hairy Negotiations      Dog Days of Dubya      Dub's Helenic Wars      Honest Dub      Bush's Turkey      Dubya's Demand Drift      Dubya Doles Out Democracy      Chicken-Hawk President      Export Nation      Our Action President      Dubya Touts Tape      Our Prudent President      Blame Game      Space Maven Bush      Poppy Psychology      State of Disunion      Dubya Makes The Grade      Warrior Bush      Phrase-Maker Bush      Sacred Bush      State of the Union      Blind Trust      Dubya Does College

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