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Will there be a compromise over the judicial filibuster? I sure as hell hope not! Bill Scher over at Liberal Oasis explains why compromise is such a bad idea for Democrats, but Josh Marshall isn't nearly as horrified by the idea. Meanwhile, Political Wire has some info on the "moderates'" attempts to conjure up a deal, and Hunter at the Daily Kos gives us a mini history lesson on the background of the filibuster fight. And these two Lean Left posts provide more essential background and insights on the subject.

So what do I have to offer on the subject? A song parody, of course -- The Don't Compromise Song, which can be sung to Let's Twist Again, written by Hank Ballard and made famous by Chubby Checker.

"Let's compromise,"
Words that make me shudder.
Yeah, "let's compromise,"
Words I've grown to fear.

Dems must not fall for lies
That the right-wing utters.
They can't compromise
With the GOP.

Every deal they've made, the people's rights are undermined.
It's time for Dems to fin'lly show some guts and spine.

"Let's compromise,"
Words that Dems shouldn't mutter.
Cause if they do,
Then the end is near.

                                         (MUSICAL BREAK)

Don't compromise.
Frist can not be trusted.
No, don't compromise.
Please hang tough, you hear!

The Dems should keep in mind,
Rights go in the gutter,
When they compromise
With the GOP.

With each deal they've made, our people's lives are undermined.
It's time for Dems to act with gumption, guts and spine.

"Let's compromise,"
Words that Dems can't utter.
Cause if they do,
Then the end is near.

Cause if they do,
Then the end is near.

© May 23, 2005 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

UPDATE: Well, my timing sure could have been better. Shortly after I posted this anti-compromise song parody, the Senate "moderates" announced a compromise. And it's about as sucky as I would have expected. Here's a PDF copy of the deal.

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