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Many of you are already familiar with the gag-inducing love poem Bush purportedly wrote for wife Laura. Well, Bush apparently was so thrilled with the success of his first poem, he's written another. But this one's more of a hate poem, targeting the mean media filter that insists on disseminating bad news:

An evil filter is the press.
They lie and say Iraq's a mess.
Though things are going great down there,
You'll never hear it on the air.

A bomb or two or three or four.
That's all they speak of -- blood and gore.
Ignoring good news, that's their beat.
The lib'ral press wants my defeat.

Our soldiers like it at the front.
We're doing great. We're on the hunt.
Iraqis love the USA.
They're begging us to "please, please stay."

The media likes to dwell on death.
It gets them viewers, gets them read.
They live to publish lies and leaks.
They're just a bunch of sniv'ling sneaks.

Someday I'll get them back, I swear.
They'll rue the day they weren't fair.
John Ashcroft has big plans, you see.
For treason, the death penalty.

© October 14, 2003 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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