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Reading the bizarre list of security demands Bush tried to impose on the Brits made me laugh out loud. For instance:

American snipers and special agents traveling with Bush were to be given diplomatic immunity in the event that they should kill any of the expected 100,000 protesters. An artillery weapon called the "mini gun," normally used in battlefield conditions, was to be flown in in case it was deemed necessary to mow down protesters en masse. Vast sections of the city were to be closed to all traffic, forcing the closure of untold hundreds of businesses. Americans were to be placed in charge of all security operations, ahead of the British Scotland Yard, the MI5, the Metropolitan police, and Blair's own security detail. And U.S. fighter jets and Blackhawk attack helicopters, armed with surface-to-ground missiles and high-powered machine guns, were to secure the skies over London.

So naturally I had to whip up a poem about Dubya's UK trip:

George Bush so wants to greet the Queen
And pose for photo ops.
He'd also love some signs unseen,
Their bearers nabbed by cops.

Says Queen to Blair, however did
You get me in this mess?
I cannot wait to Bush be rid.
He's here at your request.

So sorry, Tony Blair responds.
It seemed a jolly plan.
Who knew that I had formed a bond
With such a hideous man?

© November 19, 2003 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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