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I have great news for all you fashion loving fans of navy blue: Navy blue is the new black. Or to be precise, navy blue is the new gray which (until roughly twenty seconds ago) used to be the new black.

I'm talking about clothing and the bank account draining urge to replace color dated apparel with wardrobes conforming to fashion pundit dictates.

Personally, I'd never succumb to such shady coercion. Dump perfectly sound clothing just because it's color challenged? Never!

Of course, that's easy for me to say. Until black was banished, I was stylish despite all my best efforts. A black gown is the uniform of symphony orchestra musicians -- at least, those of the female persuasion. And since I'm a starving oboist -- when I'm not busy being a starving writer or a recovering lawyer -- I was wearing black back when the only women caught dead in black were musicians and mourners.

With my closetful of concert gowns, I was saddened by black's untimely demise. But I'm proud to say I took a strong stand against fashion dictates and I didn't buy a single stitch of gray. I figured I already have more than enough gray ... if you count my hair.

I have lots of gray streaks ... and a stubborn streak too. I see red when people tell me what to do, especially when it entails parting with green. This made me stand tall -- at least, for a five-footer -- and say "No!" to gray.

I should probably sympathize with women who obediently bought gray, only to learn it's back to the overdrawing board for their no-longer-in-the-black bank accounts. Especially the ones who scanned my first paragraph, skipped the rest, and who are, at this very moment, scouring boutiques in a desperate quest for navy blue.

They should have kept reading. Had they done so, they'd know that gray is still "in." At least it was still "in" the last time I checked. Yes, I admit it -- I made the navy blue thing up.

So don't go splurging on a navy blue wardrobe. Gray is still the new black ... unless enough people skipped my ending, went shopping, and accidentally launched a new trend.

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