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In honor of Ari Fleischer's resignation as Dubya's spokesman, I present my "Ari, Ari," to be sung to "Monday, Monday" by John Phillips (The Mamas and the Papas). Feel free to use this midi link.

Ari, Ari,
Please don't leave me.
Ari, Ari,
You were all I hoped you would be.
Oh, Ari, Ari,
Ari, Ari, please guarantee
Through reelection you will still be here with me.

Ari, Ari,
Love your bald pate.
Ari, Ari,
And that you don't equivocate.
One Monday morning you gave me a warning
Of what is to be.
Oh, Ari, Ari, you can't leave. I'm not home free.

Love the things you say,
Love your spinning ways,
Love the things you say, all your gaggle lines, yeah.
Cause whatever questions come,
Yes, whatever questions come,
We can find you spinning all of the time.

Ari, Ari,
You're newly wed.
Ari, Ari,
Guess you want more down time in bed.
But Ari, Ari,
Ari, Ari, they'll say you fled.
And if you leave me who will keep the press misled?

Ari, Ari,
Love how you talk.
Ari, Ari,
Though you come from evil New Yawk.
Oh, Ari, Ari,
Ari, Ari, you just can't go.
Cause if you leave me I will really miss you so.

© May 21, 2003 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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