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Trent Lott is apparently on his way out, and this is how it happened:

Said good ol' boy Trent,
You misconstrued
Just what I meant.
'Twas but a toast to a friend,
Cause he still is not yet dead.

But Trent's line didn't fly,
Cause bloggers knew
That Trent Lott lied.
They tracked his lengthy racist ties,
Kept the scandalous tale alive.

Print media woke,
Around the facts
Began to poke.
They learned this isn't a joke.
Kept the story quite well stoked.

I'm sorry, said Trent.
I knew not what
It was I said.
It's all my fault, I do repent.
But I swear that I'm a mensch.

Rush Limbaugh chimed in.
He blamed the left
For all the din.
Cause he and Sean saw no sin,
But a plot to do Lott in.

Then Rove advised Bush,
You must protect
Your Oval tush.
So Lott's ego Bush did crush.
Gave Trent's ouster quite a push.

Must Lott say adios
Or can he hold
Onto his post?
His Leader days are surely toast
Largely due to weblog hosts.

© December 18, 2002 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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