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(To be sung to the tune of "A Day In The Life" by Lennon & McCartney)

I read the news each day, oh boy
About a President who got poor grades.
Of course the news is mostly sad
Though one thing made me laugh
The chewing gum photograph.

Bush blows my mind with every deed.
He keeps on acting like he's so deranged.
Tells crowds of people that he cares.
They've heard his lies before.
Nobody is really sure
How Harvard gave him that degree.

Pelosi's made a film, oh boy.
Bush even helped name it Journeys with George.
Hope crowds of people watch each day.
At his campaign it looks,
He ran it by the book.
Bush loves to turn press on.

Wake up, crawl out of bed,
Drag a comb across my head.
Find my way downstairs and boot her up,
Forget to eat cause I am very late.
Hit my mouse and log online,
Read about the FBI
Scroll my way off site and random surf
Follow the Web till I go into a dream


I read the news each day, oh boy.
Nukes poised in India and Pakistan.
The hope for peace in Israel's poor
We're at perpetual war.
But we know how many votes it takes to show
George Bush the door.
I'd love to turn him out.

© 2002 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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